Do You Journal?

Do you journal?

Journaling is one of my favorite times, both past and recent. I love to journal. I journal by hand, I type my journals. A journal is not a diary that you use to keep as a kid.  It is a place where you come to know yourself. Who you truly are and what makes you tick. It is a place to explore problems and find resolutions. It is a place to share your anger or happiness. It is a place to record memories and people, places and things. It is a safe place.

Journaling has helped me handle a lot of life’s problems. It is like I am speaking directly to God and receive my answer right back. I can write whatever I want, however I want about my problem. I can view my problem from the inside out. And you know what? It helps. It seems like once the problem is down on paper you can step back and get different perspectives about it. It really helps.

I journal about small things, big things, changes any thing. I use my journal as a mind dump, when I am overwhelmed, I pour everything out on the page and let it stare back at me instead of swim around in my head and heart. I rarely share my journal with anyone. Some day my dad will read my journal and I can only pray they understand why I wrote what I wrote. Without my journal I wouldn’t be me.

Do you journal? You should.

I love to buy to new journals, to receive them as gifts. To feel the clean, crisp paper. I must have lines, some people don’t. I love to find new pens that write well and make the pages come alive with my words, thoughts, etc. I like the words to jump of the page at me. I tend to write large so I like large journals. I just can’t seem to get comfortable with those little ones that fit in those little purses. I have a large bag and my large journal fits right in next to my notes.

We all make choices. Some choose to lean on trash cans, though they probably shouldn’t. Some choose not to wash their hands, though soap wouldn’t kill them. Some of us choose not to eat whatever was breeding on top of a trash can.

I just wanted to share my journaling obsession today.


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