About Being Generous

Sometimes with all the “big” things happening in the world, we forget that people are all struggling with “little” things too. Let me rephrase that, we forget that other people are dealing with those things. I’m well aware of my own personal battles, my day in and day out stresses, the worries that keep me up at night, and the insecurities I hold. I feel my own symptoms of anxiety and I know the things I fear most. So, it’s easy for me to live in two worlds: the big world, the one that’s featured on the nightly news and read about in the daily newspaper, and the small world – a.k.a my own world.

But, there’s another world that exists and it’s happening all around us. It’s the world that hosts the concern of, for example, a new mom feels, wondering if she’s doing the right thing, trying to balance a new role, feeling exhilarated and exhausted all at once. It’s the recent college grad who is still searching to find that first fresh out of school job, uncertain of where they’ll end up, how they’ll support themselves, and if they’ll ever truly find the right fit. It’s the widow, the broken family, the unfulfilled, the misunderstood, the ostracized.

But, in contrast, what about the situations in life when we find ourselves as part of collateral damage? What about our lost loves? Nevertheless, what about our broken or forgotten dreams?

Sorrow is equally as precious as love; hurting makes room for improvement of empathy and solitude can sometimes be the greatest company. Beautiful people you used to know are not necessary the ones you share your present with, but not being part of your life does not make them less beautiful. Lost loves are like butterflies – tragedy is crucial part of their existence. So, we have a choice, even when it does not seem so. We can accept or refuse; we can settle with ordinary or we can seek something unique. We can do whatever we feel like doing or whatever we ever wanted.

But, do we completely understand the difference between our dreams and our fears?

You can choose your starting point as empathy or religion, but it is crucial to make a humble observation of your transience and human vulnerability. Is our fate the path we follow, or do we create the path for ourselves? It is a personal inner debate, and it is essential for understanding the distinction between our longings and our aims.

This weekend, I’ve had one conversation after another, reminding me of this alternate universe, the one that’s not my personal story and the one that’s not that of the whole either. I’ve been offered an inside glimpse into the daily experiences and struggles that define part of another person’s journey. And it makes me hurt, and it makes me upset, and it makes me disappointed. But at the same time, I know another lesson has been learned. It is an eye-opening process. And I’m glad for that.

I don’t believe in rejections, I don’t believe in noes because I was born back then to be a warrior! – Maria Sharapova

I’m grateful for the painful reminder that we’re all fighting battles – whether for our dreams or fears. Not just me and not just the world that stretches beyond my personal parameters. But each and every one of us. We’re all carrying scars, both transparent and otherwise unseen. And while that knowledge alone doesn’t allow me to ever truly know or fully comprehend what another person is going through, it carries a reminder that is all too easy to forget: to never give up and to be kind to one another.

Not just the ones that look the same, believe the same, profess the same, and exude the same. The others too. Maybe them even more so. Because being strong or kind doesn’t require agreeing or becoming apathetic.

We’ll never wholly understand someone else’s world. And yet, we can see them, and we can hear them, and we can remind them that they have to fight and don’t let their surroundings define their presence.

P.S After a four-year hiatus, I’m coming back!


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